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Timeless, authentic, art. I love shooting weddings - it's a rare occasion when I get to photograph the pure joy of adults. The display of love, joy, humor, sentimentality, and hopes and dreams are seldom as transparently vulnerable than at a wedding.

The emotions projected upon the future of two peoples' love, hopes, and dreams creates an irresistable venue of emotions.

I am confident I will capture the authenticity and emotions of your wedding day, but I do it unconventionally - and it may not be a fit for every couple. I need to be immersed in the day, with minimal distractions. I don't believe the photography should drive the schedule of the day, rather it should capture the schedule of the day.


This allows me to provide you timeless, authentic, art - affordably. I will always have an eye for ensuring that I capture all aspects of your day.  I will capture a private walk, a bar toast, and the sentimentality between a father and bride and mother and groom. 

I realize this is a different philosophy, but I encourage you to embrace it and engage me for your day. Let's chat about how my approach will simplify your day without sacrificing an artful documentation of your day.


All prices reflect Whidbey Island locations. Travel fees may apply to locations off Whidbey Island.

Weddings are not all the same. People have different wants and needs. Please contact me to discuss a customized investment.

- 4 hours

- minimum 125 hand-crafted Photographer Select photographs

- Final images hosted on a gallery for download and print/product ordering (wholesale pricing)

$250 each additional hour

- minimum 25 hand-crafted Photographer Selects per additional hour

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