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"In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality"
                                              ALFRED STIEGLITZ


I used to think I didn't have a style, as I seldom shoot with intent - I shoot without contrivance. I prefer to just let moments happen - and then capture what's happening. Apparently, I've been told, that's a style.

I'm quiet and I watch for that moment. I don't say much behind the camera. I don't like telling you where and how to stand or how to place your hand. I do when we need some help, but kids in particular seldom need (or care much for) direction. 

I shoot with a masculine delicacy, or maybe a delicate masculinity - maybe they're the same thing. I suppose it's because I'm a guy, and I see my subjects through my eyes which interpret what I see through my relationships... my feelings... my experiences. 


My objective of every shoot - portraits, weddings, couples, even your pet - is to capture the essence of a person, relationship, or event. An essence isn't always reflected in a smile. It's often a pensive stare, a tear, or a bondful moment that best captures the essence of the moment. This/That is what I will do for you. (new paragraph with just this sentence?)

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