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Hey Folks...

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

I was once a prolific blogger, before Facebook. Coinciding with shuttering my blog in 2008 Facebook emerged as a platform for sharing thoughts and photos. Somehow, though, sharing on a blog was viewed as meaningful and introspective, but sharing on Facebook is viewed as narcissistic and shallow. And more than a little bit antagonistic. Notsofun.

My previous blog often began with "Hey kids! Let's...". The kids are now out on their own, and Christine would probably prefer I don't address her with "Hey!", so I guess I'm talking to you now. Just plain folk who might want to read what I have to say, which is usually about or on the periphery of photography. But not always. Sometimes it's about just life and living it.

Please sign up to receive notifications of new posts and updates on Jim Fuglestad Photography. You will discover the beauty of Whidbey Island and the Pacific Northwest, learn a bit about me and my perspective on life, and most aptly learn about photography - not just what makes a good technical photo, but what makes a photo meaningful, timeless, and personal - Important.

So, welcome, and please engage in the comments or on my Instagram and Facebook pages. Thanks folks!

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