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"I have a vision of life, and I try to find equivalents for it in the form of photographs"

                                              ALFRED STIEGLITZ

I strive to capture the authenticity, identity, and character not just of the individuals, but also of the relationships between family members and their environment. These captured timeless attributes will be hand-crafted to create timeless fine-art photographs to grace your walls, photobooks, and digital mediums. 

My hand-crafted style will reflect the subjects mood and personality, the weather, and the event - it will not be influenced by trendy photoshop filters which tend to quickly date a photograph. Fuges Fotography highly values a traditional fine-art approach to portrait photography.

While I take a traditional approach to the treatment of the final product, my approach to portrait sessions is not traditional. I tend to let a session evolve in its unique flavor while letting the subjects be themselves. Less interference with posing and direction creates a more authentic experience that captures the character of the individuals. Natural smiles will happen. Meloncholy glances sometimes, too. Laughter and tears if we're really lucky.


I strive to make my photography accessible and affordable and have created a flexible investment schedule. Each session plan includes hand-crafted final productions of Photographer Select photographs.

All prices reflect Whidbey Island locations. Travel mileage and time may apply to sessions off Whidbey Island.

- 30 minute mini-session
- One location

- minimum of 10 hand-crafted Photographer Selects
- Final images hosted on gallery for download and print/product ordering (2-day delivery)

- 60 minute session
- Multiple locations
- Minimum of 20 hand-crafted Photographer Selects

- 90 minute session

- Multiple locations

- Minimum of 40 hand-crafted Photographer Selects


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