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Yep. Pets. They're people, too, no? 

I can't say I have deep experience taking pictures of other people's pets, but I sure do love taking pictures of our pups. Same deal - pets have an essence and personality that is truly meaningful, and fun, to capture.

Dog, cat, chicken, horse, guinea pig.... bring it. 

All prices reflect Whidbey Island locations. Travel mileage and time may apply to sessions off Whidbey Island.

$50 Coordinated dog park session

- work with me to schedule a time when I'm headed to the dog park (Greenbank Farm) already with my pups and I'll capture yours while I'm there.
- Details the same as a 30 minute mini-session

- 30 minute mini-session
- One location

- minimum of 10 hand-crafted Photographer Selects
- Final images hosted on gallery for download and print/product ordering (2-day delivery)

- 60 minute session
- Multiple locations
- Minimum of 20 hand-crafted Photographer Selects

- 90 minute session

- Multiple locations

- Minimum of 40 hand-crafted Photographer Selects

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