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My wife, Christine, and I, recently moved from Minneapolis to Seattle, and eventually Whidbey Island. The Pacific Northwest is already proving to hold a special place in my heart - its beauty is a photographer's friend and I yearn to be on a trail as often as possible.


We are joined by three Little People who are immortalized by the photographs of their youth, but are now emerging Big People as they experience their worlds away from home. My heart and eyes have no age, and my spirit is full of youthful exuberance with a splash of undying immaturity.


I have spent a career balancing photography, entrepreneurship, and technology, and feel fortunate to be able to enjoy my craft in such a beautiful home as Whidbey Island.



• Minneapolis Monochrome Photographer of the Year – Minneapolis Photo Society

• National speaker - Corel, Inc. 
• Booth Presenter, PMA – Las Vegas, New York City
•Booth Presenter, Corel - PhotoPlus Expo – New York City
• Speaker, CorelWorld – Kansas City
• Speaker - Sony Digital Days - Minneapolis
• Sony sponsored – National Trade Shows

• Corel sponsored – National Trade Shows


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