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"Jim's pictures evoke a timeless quality - an almost Norman Rockwell-esque ideal of childhood, the neighbourhood - discovery and play.


Many images revolve around instantly recognisable (yet almost timeless) scenes from our own childhoods - the tyre swing off that big tree in the front yard, chalk games on the sidewalk, the ice-cream truck and the fascination of puddles and forests.


'An Evocation' is what his pictures really are. Many photographers impose an artificiality of the formal studio, in 'Sunday best', against obviously fake painted backdrops, in created and replicated poses - all of which negate our most important features as individuals: our life-force and our personalities. In our own 'minds eye' - this is NOT how we see our lives.


Jim's pictures are made for the most important phase of a child's life - when that child has children of their own. The cycle and the stories continue with his eyes and heart."


This was nice of David to say - coming from a renowned accomplished photographer - means something to me that he said it about me. It is how I see my photography and how I desire my photography to be felt. It's important to me. 

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